Build Team

The build team is responsible for the mechanical design and fabrication of the robot and other projects that go on throughout the year. They are also responsible for building and maintaining the electronical and control systems for the robot and provides important information to the programming subteam.

Programming Team

In the programming team, some are responsible for the basic coding of the yearly robot, which allow the robot to function and to make sure they are eligible in the competitions. The programming team itself contains many subteams within itself. The robot programming subteam is responsible for the ability for the robot to function. Members of the Pit UI programming subteam are responsible for the programming of the pit program, allowing the robot to connect to the driver station. Members of the programming team are also part of the website subteam, who create and maintain the team website.

CAD Team

The Computer-Aided Design(CAD) team are a group of students who help design the basic building blocks for almost everything developed by the build team. The CAD team brainstorms and creates basic digital 3d models of their ideas and help others decide what will be the best for build and how to approach the start of a building project. project.

Imagery Team

The imagery team is responsible for the yearly design of the team's T-shirts, theme, and logo on the bot and work pit. This subteam is very important because FIRST requires every team to project their creativity and messages to others. Members of the imagery subteam also maintain our social media profiles on Twitter and Instagram to help spread the message of FIRST.

Buisness and Marketing

Every FIRST team needs those with skills in buisness and marketing. The buisness and marketing subteam oversees how the team's budget is managed and spent. They work hard to help the team obtain sponsors and maintain positive relationships with them. The subteam also orders the materials the team needs for build season, which helps the team start the building and programming of the yearly robot. The buisness and marketing team is crucial to the team overall because they make sure we don't go over our budget max and help manage our funds in the most effective way possible.

Scout Team

The scouting subteam is active during the competitions Team 4533 partakes in. Their data-collecting is essential for the longterm success of the team during competitions. The scouting subteam is responsible for analyzing the performance of other bots during competitions, which helps the team to decide which bots at the competitions are the best match for our team's robot to ensure maximum success during alliance selections with other teams. Without the scout team, strong alliances with other teams cannot be created, lowering the team's chances of reaching far in the FIRSTĀ® competitions.