Who We Are

Team 4533, Wando Advanced Robotics, is a FIRST® team located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. With inspiring students from Wando High School and Academic Magnet, members of Team 4533 participate in the yearly FIRST® Robotics Competition. Through the programming, build, CAD, and imagery team, Wando Robotics members engage in FIRST Robotics Competitions (FRC) and promote the values of FIRST® robotics.

What is FIRST®?

Every year, thousands of robotics teams from around the globe participate in a yearly, unique game where the participants work and engage for 6 weeks building and programming a robot for competitions. Using set of guidelines and following the game rules, the students engage and help inspire others to spread the message of FIRST®. FIRST® offers a wide range of opportunities and mentoring, and students learn to enhance their technology skills in building and programming, as well as building leadership skills and working together as a team. The games every year focuses on promoting creative and innovative ideas that help them in their future. In 2017, over 6000 teams participated in the FRC Robotics Competition. FRC also has many teams outside of North America with teams in France, UK, Germany, China, Japan, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil, Vietnam, Isreal, and many more. Every year, teams compete at regional and state level competitions in an attempt to gain a spot at the invitational World Competitions in St. Louis and Houston.

Wando Advanced Robotics Trailer

FIRST® Robotics